HowTheLightGetsIn, the world's largest philosophy and music festival, is back with the thought-provoking ideas and unforgettable parties you've come to expect. There's an array of new stages and surprises, as our site expands again for 2015 with many more events running throughout the day and evening.

The 2015 festival theme is 'Fantasy and Reality'. In our topsy-turvy, postmodern, and often virtual world, has the real become a mirage created from our fantasies? And which current fantasies will become tomorrow's reality? We’ve released a few debates as a preliminary taster of the line up to come.

We've also released our first few music events and launched our Festival Live Party Passes which give you access to both our sites, as well as our great line-up of music and entertainment events. Snap yours up for entry to our unmissable Live programme.

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Unnatural Laws

Might eternal natural laws be human hubris? Or is the mind of God in our grasp? CERN physicist and coiner of the term 'Theory of Everything' John Ellis, American philosopher of physics Nancy Cartwright and author of The Science Delusion Rupert Sheldrake debate the sacred assumption of science.

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The Death of God and the War on Terror

How did the death of God give birth to Western capitalism and the religious fundamentalism that thrives under its wing? Terry Eagleton reveals the unspoken history of our supposedly faithless world.

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