Please note, the information below was for 2015, there are new surprises in store for 2016...

HowTheLightGetsIn began six years ago in the globe Hall. Now the Globe site has added the globe and art fields and is home to six live music stages, incisive debates and solo talks, documentary screenings, cutting-edge comedy and delicious food.


Hall & Lower Gallery

From debate and dancing to art and argument, the globe at hay is an institution. Join us for Philosophy Sessions, which run throughout the day in the wonderful Hall space. Art exhibitions can be found in the Upper Gallery.

At night, the venue erupts with our Live and Night Sessions – a magical collection of the UK’s hottest bands and finest parties. From Berlin and Ibiza to Hay-on-Wye, our superstar DJs and themed shindigs are legendary.


International Tent

We’ll be bringing together some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers to shed new light on the global issues at the heart of our lives. Prepare yourself for a combative gloves-off arena hosting Philosophy Sessions throughout the day.

In the evening the International tent transforms into a headline music venue with soloists and upbeat bands.


Meet the great thinkers and performers of our time in the Ring, an intimate venue hosting our programme of inspiring solo talks. In the evening you’ll find cutting edge comedy and performance art.


Listen to exciting new performers and special guests in the Hay sunshine and leading singer-songwriters and folk stars by night. The Stage is also host to the HowTheLightGetsIn Bookshop during the day, where you can talk to speakers after events and pick up signed copies of their books.